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Fest for Vest Foundation

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Not all Police Officers have access to vests. We are raising funds to give these Officers vest.          

We would like to make you aware of the alarming number of Law Enforcement Officers losing their lives while in the line of duty has significantly increased just over the past year.

Firearms’ are the leading causes of deaths in our law Enforcement Officers. Our officers put their lives on the line every day that they put their uniform on.

Most people are not aware part of the officer's uniform should be  an armor "bullet Proof' vest.  Armor vests can only save lives when they are actually worn.

The smaller departments don't have the funds to purchase Vests.

Data from the Bureau of Justice statistics indicate that an increasing percentage of police departments and Sheriff's offices have instituted "mandatory wear" policies’. 

Several factors can affect whether a law enforcement officer will wear armor vest.

In order for an armor vest to be effective, comfort and fit are a larger factor.

There is no definitive date on how long an armor vest will last before it needs to be replaced.

Vest care and maintenance have shown to have greater impact than age. 


We are a non-profit formed and functioning for the sole purpose of raising funds and supplying Departments and Officers who have a need and can't afford Armor Vests.

We are going to try continue to raise funds until all Louisiana Officers have good Vests.

We do this with all volunteers including Department Officers

Chief Deon Boudreaux,of Port Barre Police Department; Elridge and Bia at KBON in Eunice, La; talking up the Fest for Vest

​​Buy a Vest save a life!

Go Fund me account. Follow below link.